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4 Spring DIY Wall Decor Ideas You Can Do at Home


wall decorSpring has sprung and it's officially time to revamp the decor in your home. So put away the Christmas lights and the darker colored accent pillows because it's time to get to work.

Spring is a season when all of the plants and flowers are in full bloom, when the weather gets a little bit warmer, and when people typically tend to be a lot happier than they were throughout the entire winter season. If you're trying to come up with some ways to spice up your wall decor for the season, there are plenty of ideas out there. Plus, you can make them all as a DIY project (DIY is super popular; interest in the modern DIY movement first started gaining momentum in 2008).

Floral Wall Art

Incorporating flowers into your wall decor is a great way to say “spring is here” without actually saying anything. Many people choose to purchase wall hanging vases to put freshly picked flowers in, but other people will make their own wall art utilizing the flowers. If you’re feeling crafty, take a few flowers and lay them in a frame. It’s a really easy wall decor DIY project that won’t cost you a fortune.

Wall Decals

Wall decals are a great way change up the decor in your home for every season, especially spring. Since we know that spring is all about nature and flowers in bloom, birch tree wall stencils, family tree stencils for walls, and forest animal wall decals are perfect. Nature screams “spring” and once the season is over, you can easily remove the decals and transfer them to a different area in your home.

Watercolor Paintings

The colors of spring are anything bright and pastel. So, by creating your own painting using any color from those groups, you can channel the season at a low cost. Painting something yourself doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, as there are no rules. Go crazy and do whatever you want! Watercolor pieces are also very popular during this season, so grab some bright colored watercolors and get ready to create a masterpiece of your very own.

Pastel Wreath

Looking for something that can spice up your home’s front door? Create a colorful pastel yarn wreath! Head to the craft store and pick up an embroidery hoop, as that will act as your base. Wind yarn through and around the hoop and add some fake flowers and greenery in between the pieces of yarn. The flowers and colors will bring a spring feeling to your front door.

If you've been trying to come up with ideas for some spring wall decor but don't know what to do, take a look at a few of the suggestions above! They're simple and won't break the bank!

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