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4 Easy Ideas to Get Your Nursery Ready to Rumble


Designing the perfect nursery for your child can be difficult, even for the maternal experts. There are many things to consider when designing and creating the room that your child will grow in, and some parents focus on things that could wait. While that wall tree stencil will look great in the end, some things will take priority. Don't worry though, you'll have plenty of time to decorate. Here are a few things to think about when tackling your baby-room-reno. 

The Crib
This seems like a no-brainer, but there are a lot of factors to consider when looking for the right crib. First, you should factor in your space. How much room do you have and are you going to be able to fit everything you want? Measure out the room to leave adequate space. Make sure the crib is up to snuff on all of the safety regulations and has sturdy rails for those early climbers. Also, think about what kind of bedding you'll want in the crib. This is a great time to add some personal touches such as adding trees or firetrucks, but make sure the bedding is soft enough for a baby. Some parents find that they prefer a bassinet for the first few months, so a crib could come later. 

Changing Table
The changing table, like the crib, might seem like a given but there are so many viable options to consider that it's important to add it to the list. When looking at changing tables, you'll want to make sure the table is sturdy and safe. If it has wheels, make sure they lock. Some changing tables can even fold flat to optimize the space in the nursery. Find the option that works best for you. 

Nursery Chair
Here's something that most new parents don't always think of -- a place to sit. The right nursery chair will be one of the better investments you can make when designing your nursery. It's a place to sit down while rocking your baby back to sleep, a comfortable place to feed your child, or simply where you both take your midday naps. It's an important addition to the room and if you can swing it, swing for the fences. Consider a rocking chair or one that comes with a comfy ottoman. 

Storage and Decor
Now is where you get to let your inner-interior designer run wild. The colors and shapes in the nursery are more important than you think; a young child can still identify colors and shapes and actually begin to develop color and depth perception at only five months. Using wall decals or stencils are a great way to add captivating shapes and colors to the baby's room without having to hire an artist. Consider using a neutral subject so that you don't have to change it right away, such as a wall tree stencil or forest decal. They'll add texture to any room with ease. Make sure to have lots of storage space as well. Consider using multipurpose furniture that doubles as storage space. You'll need all the room you can get. 

Every nursery is different, and it's important to put your personal touches on your project. There are numerous sites and forums to get ideas and photos of crafty nursery designs as well as shops to find those wall tree stencils or firetruck bedspreads. Tackle your project with the confidence of an expert.

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