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3 Creative Ways to Decorate a Little Boy's Room


Do you remember bringing your son home from the hospital to his nursery that you decorated all on your own? You couldn't wait to bring him to his baby blue room, complete with crib, changing table, and all. Well, he's growing up now, and it's time to redecorate his room. Here are some great ideas for ways to do just that.

Animal decals
Kids love fun and colorful walls, and the best way to spice up the paint is to add decals. You can make your child's room look like a jungle with animal decals, tree stencils, and other custom wall decor. Pick some monkeys, tigers, snakes, gorillas, and whatever other animal decals you think your son will love. Place them creatively on the wall to look like a jungle scene. The animals can be playing, eating, or whatever else you want them to do! This can also help your child learn about different ecosystems and wildlife.

Cool shelves
As your child gets older, he'll start accumulating more and more stuff. Putting up shelves in his room can serve a few purposes. First, he can start to learn to put away his toys and clothes when he is done using them. Secondly, they serve as a great way for him to display his favorite books or stuffed animals to you, his sibling, and his friends when he has play dates. You can hang up shelves that match the color of his room or get a decorative bookshelf that serves the same purpose.

A play rug
Your son will probably be playing on the floor in his room a lot, and it's a good idea to get him something to play on. Rugs are a great way to get your child to interact differently with his toys. You can get a rug with a racetrack on it, or a farm, or even a school. He can play pretend with his toys and exercise his brain. Rugs are also good support for his knees if he has hardwood floor in his room.

A recent survey by HomeGoods revealed that 47% of Americans have not updated their decor in at least five years. If you have not updated your son's room since he was born, it's time to give his bedroom a makeover. Deck it out with animal decals, cool shelves, and a play rug. Your son will have fun and learn at the same time!

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