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3 Ways to Personalize Your Baby's Nursery


The perfect way to welcome a new baby into your home is by making their nursery feel like it belongs to them. That doesn't mean simply tweaking the lighting or picking out a fun rug. We're talking about personalizing your baby's room to make it theirs. There are many different creative ways to take your personal style and your baby's name and apply it to the room, so let's take a closer look at a few of our favorite ideas for personalizing your baby's nursery.

Paint the Room
If you love seeing your baby in a specific color, why not go crazy and take that color to a whole new level? While some parents mistakenly think that color is lost on a newborn, that's actually not the case. From the moment they come into this world, babies are observing and absorbing everything that goes on around them. Babies first develop the ability to perceive both color and depth by five months, and a bright, soothing color palette can be a wonderful way to introduce your son or daughter to the world of color.

There are countless ways to introduce color into the nursery, but you should pick one color to be the central focus of the room. You can use that color as a base for the theme of the room, or you can use that color as an accent that complements other pieces throughout the room. If you do decide to paint, think about what kind of paint you want and if you're going to paint the room before the baby comes or after. If you're painting after the baby arrives, we recommend latex-based paints. Latex-based paints will dry within one hour; it will be ready for a recoat in just four hours.

Apply Custom Wall Decor
What's great about custom wall decor is that it's an easy, DIY friendly method for personalizing a space. Both stencils and custom wall decals can help you quickly customize your baby's nursery, transforming it into a baby-friendly space. With many custom wall decals, all you need to do is peel and stick. These wall decals can really spice up the room and accentuate the theme you've picked out. For example, forest decals and tree stencils can be used in natural or storybook-themed nurseries, and there are even family tree stencils. What's cool about a family tree stencil is that you can really make your child a part of the family by showing them where they came from and how they fit into the group. No matter what type of custom wall decor you choose, these accent pieces are perfect for nurseries of all shapes and sizes.

Hanging pictures in frames of you and your child will really help to personalize the space. You can put pictures up on the wall of the moment they were born, you and your partner holding them for the first time, and even their first time in the house. In addition, you can ensure that your baby sees photos of their entire family on a regular basis. There are so many options for photos that you can use to show anyone who walks in the room that this is your child's place. 

When it comes to having a new baby, you want to make them feel as comfortable and as special as possible. While it may take some time for your newborn to fully appreciate all the love and care that went into personalizing their new nursery, they will feel right at home from the moment they arrive.

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