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Cool Ways to Utilize Wall Decals In Your Home


deer wall decalsWhen it comes to decorating, a traditional stance usually incorporates a fresh coat of paint and some picture frames. But have you ever considered using wall decals? Whether you're a first-time wall decal user or simply looking for new ideas, you've come to the right place. Here are a few great, innovative ways to use wall decals in your home today.

First, you can use them to spice up your dressers or nightstands. If you have a nightstand or dresser that needs a revamp, take your deer wall decals, for example, and place them on the drawers. You'll need to cut out some holes for the pulls to fit through, so that's an important thing to remember.

You can also use them to update your kitchen cupboards and drawers! If your kitchen is super plain, take a colorful wall decal and place it on any blank space. If you really want some cool art in your kitchen but don't have the space available to hang it, this is a great alternative.

Many people live in small apartments or small spaces. With these small areas often come small bedrooms. Sometimes it's impossible to be able to fit a headboard in the area, so using wall stencils is a great option. Many wall decal pieces come in wooden designs, which is a popular choice for a normal headboard. You can take the wall decor and stick it right to your wall without using up any extra space.

Another fun thing you can do with wall decals is attach them to your stairs! If you find that your entryway's stairs are just a little bit boring, spice them up with the stick-on decals. There are so many different designs out there that you can literally find anything to fit your aesthetic. The decals won't cover your entire staircase, however, so it's important to know that you won't risk anyone falling or getting hurt.

Do-It-Yourself projects are extremely popular in home design. In fact, Google Trends data shows interest in the modern DIY movement first started rising in 2008. DIY projects such as installing wall decals are an easy way to spice up your home with very minimal effort.

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